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get home. i'm charlie d agata in niigata japan, i'll have that story coming up" your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. emergency teams continue to tackle the crisis in japan's nuclear power plant while many evacuees wonder whether they will ever get home. i'm charlie d'agata in japan. we'll have the story coming up. as the severity of the crisis continues, the radioactive particles that drifted across the pacific are already falling right here in the bay area. >> good morning, it's friday march 18. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time is 4:30. the good news is, it's friday. the bad news is, boy, is it raining outside. lawrence, i guess we are going to get a lot more of that, huh?
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>> yes. this is just the beginning. showers out of the main front and it looks as the main frontal system makes its way through we are going to see the rain picking up. lightning strikes embedded in some of the cells, you can see one making its way into san francisco and also into concord, parts of the north bay, as well. we have more on the way. it's going to pick up through the day and a larger storm for the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. right now, let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> at least we are not seeing any major accidents because of the rain yet. we do have some overnight roadwork on the dumbarton bridge. when it rains like this, we tend to have a nasty commute. out there now, minor puddling in the middle lanes. nothing too bad right now. again, no major hot spots yet across the bay area. we have developing news from libya. moammar qaddafi closed the air
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space in a response to put a no- fly zone over the country. the u.n. security council authorized that yesterday and a temporary measure to halt moammar qaddafi from advancing against opposition forces and to prevent the slaughter of civilians. >> the violence must stop. the killing must stop. and the people of libya must be protected. >> qaddafi is promising to respond harshly to any u.n. sponsored attack. american officials say the attempt to ground qaddafi's air force could begin by sunday or monday using jet fighters, bombers and surveillance aircraft. japan is reaching out to the united states for help in trying to stabilize its crippled nuclear power plant. charlie d'agata updates the efforts to avoid a meltdown one week after a tsunami hit the plant. >> reporter: fire trucks resumed blasting water on japan's crippled nuclear power plant as crews raced to restore
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power to the facility. as early as today, they hope to feed electricity to at least two of the six overheated reactors and get crucial water pumps working again. >> if the cooling systems in the reactors and fuel ponds are basically sound and then the power comes on, then that -- we might look at that moment as the beginning of the end of this crisis. >> reporter: but even if the power starts back up, it's not clear the water pumps will. they may have already suffered too much damage. there are also fears that getting power back online could spark another explosion. smoke billowed again from one reactor today. water in the spent fuel pools is so close to running dry that in one unit, fuel rods are believed to be at least partially exposed and could spew harmful radiation. many of the people taking shelter here come from the danger zone near the nuclear power plant having survived the earthquake and the tsunami, they were ordered to evacuate their homes because of the
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nuclear threat. this person lived less than 10 miles from the plant. nine months pregnant with a 2- year-old son, she left at the first sign of trouble there. >> i didn't think it was safe, she says, so i decided to leave early. >> reporter: she says she hopes she left in time to save her children. today marks one week since the quake and tsunami through japan into crisis. the morning people paused in silence to honor the victims to reflect on a disaster that transformed their country and their lives forever. charlie d'agata, cbs 5. [ bell ] los angeles held a memorial service for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in japan. last night's ceremony was in the little tokyo area of downtown l.a. the japanese consul-general thanked people in the area for their support. l.a.'s mayor praised the japanese people for their strength and courage in this time great adversity.
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scientists at uc-berkeley are detecting a plume of radioactive particles over the pacific ocean from japan and some tiny particles are already falling here in the bay area. this has public health officials downplayed it. it's being monitored by experts around the world, the plume. whatever radiation will drift over the state will be too small to cause health problems. anyone would get more radiation flying in an airplane from san francisco to washington, d.c. >> the amount of radiation from this plume would be 1/10 of a chest x-ray. >> shifting winds and rain in the forecast make it even more unlikely high levels of radiation will reach the state. and even with that, experts say there won't be a problem for surfers or sunbathers on our beaches. the united states sending a chemical to japan to try and
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help cool the fuel rods. a cargo aircraft on a 13 hour flight taking 17 tons of boric acid to japan. the plane picked up the acid in vandenberg air force base. it came from pg&e's diablo canyon nuclear power plant nearby. >> we wanted to send the boric acid to japan to help them cool their reactors. >> we are the only air force in the world that can do what we're doing right now. it's very gratifying. this happens day in and day out all over the world by america's air force. >> boric acid helps cool the fuel rods by absorbing the heat. pg&e kept enough acid on hand to cool both reactors on diablo canyon plus extra if needed. there are ways to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. log on to our website,, and click on "links and numbers" for a list of agencies that are coordinating emergency relief. in other news, more rain expected around monterey bay this weekend and this could cause a lot of problems as
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caltrans assesses a collapsed section of highway 1. take a look. a two mile stretch of the scenic highway near big sur will be closed for at least a month. it will take that long to make a temporary repair. highways 46, 68 and 101 will be used as detours in the meantime. these collapses are nothing new to highway 1. storms in 1998 caused $32 million in damage between carmel and san simeon. it was coming down good this morning. >> sure did. so we know what's in store for the weekend, right, lawrence? >> this storm system just picking up around the bay area as we see the main cold front sliding onshore and the rain will intensify throughout the latter part of the morning hours. still, pockets of good rainfall outside right now in along the peninsula you see the showers moving in that direction. and we have even had a couple of lightning strikes in the north bay.
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these cells moving onshore bringing heavier rainfall. early on be prepared. it's going to be very slick on the roads. only going to get wetter as we head through the day today. it looks like the rain will continue to pick up today, then behind that, more scattered showers into saturday. but this whole low is going to drop down right off the coastline and we could be in for a major soaker as we head in towards sunday. so today, yup, it's going to be wet enough. some of the places getting up to an inch, maybe 1.5" in some of the wettest parts of the north bay. a rainy wet day with the possibility of thunderstorms, temperatures only in the 50s. this looks like a good day to hang out and watch a little basketball right here on cbs 5. next couple days, we have some very wet weather coming our way, be prepared for that all weekend long. of course, lots of snowfall up in the sierra nevada. that big soaker moving in for sunday, showers continuing on monday. tuesday, well, we may sneak in a dry day but not for long as it looks like more storms may move in airlines as wednesday and thursday. let's check in with elizabeth
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with traffic. >> all right. let's go outside. we have a photographer in san jose this morning. and they are near the alum rock exit on 101 showing you north- and southbound traffic. i believe these headlights are northbound towards santa clara. so pretty quiet commute but yeah, lawrence mentioned it rain and slick surfaces out there. let's go to our maps. mass transit would be a great option today. everything is on time. we just checked in with bart, ace, muni and caltrain, everything reporting no delays right now. you know, chp warning of heavy wind and rain coming up from the summit on highway 17 all the way up towards highway 85. so watch out there. it sounds like they are actually activating the cms alert signs off in the distance on our san mateo bridge shot. that's just warning of drunk drivers. a lot of people were out late night for st. patrick's day. so right now, though, good to go across the san mateo bridge in either direction. this is westbound 92 in the commute direction about 13 minutes in either direction right now. and one more bridge check the
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golden gate bridge, they have not done the lane change yet and so far very quiet as you can see between marin and san francisco. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 4:40. coming up, the tributes to a surfer who died at mavericks. >> and the prosecution says it showed barry bonds had roid rage. the ruling whether threatening voicemails can be used in his trial. >> move over, pepsi, when it comes to popular sodas. the new number 2 behind coca- cola. tribute to one of its own... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a lot of showers, lightning strikes, too, much more rain on the way. we'll have your weekend
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forecast coming up. the surfing community is paying tribute to a surf who died. sion milosky was killed wednesday by a huge wave at the mavericks point break near half moon bay. friends and family gathered onshore last night sharing stories and leaving a line of flowers in his honor. the hawaii native was well known in the surfing community as one of the world's best big wave riders. surfing experts say the conditions at mavericks wednesday were dangerous even for people with milosky's experience. >> just watching it, you can see how the waves take -- it goes straight to the bottom it spots. you get in the wrong spot at the wrong time you're going to get drilled. >> the san mateo county coroner's office is still looking into the exact cause of the death. milosky is one of two surfers known to have lost their lives at mavericks. 4:43 on your friday. a federal judge ruled prosecutors cannot use 11 voicemail messages against barry bonds in the slugger's
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perjury trial. the allegedly threatening voicemail messages were left for bonds' mistress. prosecutors had hoped the intensity of the messages shows bonds was suffering from roid rage but the judge said they were marginal. prosecutors argued bonds lied when he said he had never knowingly received steroids or injections from his trainer. the contra costa county district attorney's office will drop about a dozen cases involving arrests by the county's central narcotics task force. the former commander of the task force facing drugs charge force allegedly conspiring with a former private investigator to sell stolen drug evidence. the d.a.'s office has identified and reviewed about 40 pending cases. it's estimated a third of those will be dismissed. a car that had been carjacked a week ago caused a crash in oakland. it happened at the intersection of 60th and camden yesterday afternoon. the driver of the stolen car ran two-stop signs and hit another vehicle, according to police. there were two adults and four
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children in the second vehicle. nobody was injured. that driver of the stolen vehicle ran away from the scene and is still at large. turning to national news now, later tonight, president obama heads to brazil. he will kick off his first official visit to south america. he will also make stops in chile and el salvador. the trip is aimed at reinforcing u.s. ties with latin america. it's a tough time, though, for president obama to leave on a foreign trip. he is already dealing with a nuclear crisis in japan, fighting in libya and turmoil in the mideast. 4:45. house of representatives has voted to cut federal funding to npr. the house voted along party lines to end federal funding, lot senate passage is very unlikely. it's home to programs like car talk and all thing considered.
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recently an npr employee was overheard saying they don't need federal funding. beginning march 28, the "new york times" will begin charging for unlimited access to its website and mobile services. the fees will range from $15 to $35 a month depending on what level of access you want. print subscribers will not be charged. 4:46. the bay area custodian under arrest after a disturbing crime on campus. that story coming up. people in the south bay sound off on a new proposed area code. their concerns coming up. when it comes to reliability, the best car to buy. a school on the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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peninsula. belmont p a hayward man is under arrest accused of molesting children at a school on the peninsula. belmont police started investigating the 52-year-old school custodian, andre edwards, last fall after he was accused of groping a girl at ralston middle school. they connected him with a similar incident back in 2001. edwards no longer works at the school. the public sounded off on a chance to add a new area code to santa clara valley. there is a shortage of numbers in the 408 area code so a new area code 669 will be rolled out by the end of the year. it's not clear how it will be divided whether they will be split up geographically or if 669 will be given to new customers. last night, some neighbors said they are worried that getting assigned a new area code might cost them a couple of bucks. >> changing your business cards
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and your stationary and everything else. >> the telecommunications recommends that the new codes go to new customers only. a southern california company recalling almost 2800 pounds of chicken products because of a labeling problem. the u.s. department of agriculture says kashi of la jolla did not include egg on the ingredients. eggs ar an allergen. each package includes the date december 28, 2011. all right. we have some rain showing up around the bay area already. and there is plenty more to come. showers are showing up in pockets of moderate to heavier rainfall in mill valley, san rafael. they are rotating through the beginning of the system pushing through today.
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be prepared. it's going to be picking one gusty winds. cloudy outside. we have pockets of some rain with some winds blowing 20 miles per hour some spots right now. 50s and 40s as we head through the middle of the day and the afternoon, it's going to get going. the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms, rain will be heavy at times, and we are looking at temperatures still in the 50s and 60s. and don't forget a high surf advisory at the coast. the main cold front still lagging off the coastline. still have a ways to go before it gets here. we are going to watch the rain in the middle of the morning and then in the middle of the day in the afternoon. things really get going. so rainfall for today, i think as we head in toward the weekend the low starts dropping off the coastline. showers for saturday, more substantial rain heavy soaker expected into sunday. let's time this out just a bit. you can see the cold front moving onshore. noontime you have your lunch plans? here it is, folks. some heavy rainfall moving in across the bay area during that period. so yeah, you might want to stay indoors for that. after that becoming more showery as we head in toward
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the latter part of the afternoon. so with that in mind, you will see some good rain maybe 1.5" in wetter spots of the north bay, three-quarters in the east bay and almost a half inch in toward the south bay and maybe as much as an inch into santa cruz mountains. temperatures are going to be mainly into the 50s for today. so yeah, a little bit cooler in spots and maybe a company. snowflakes across some of the higher mountain peaks. more unsettled weather over the weekend. next week more showers on the way continuing on monday, maybe a break on tuesday, but more rain coming wednesday and thursday. let's get a check of your traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. and you may want to consider using mass transit. everything is on time and you can avoid all these slick roads. here's a live look at 880 through oakland where we are doing pretty well. there is some ongoing roadwork for just another few minutes until 5:00 between fruitvale and fifth avenue. so other than that, everything is very quiet right now from
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the coliseum all the way down towards oakland airport. let's go elsewhere towards highway 17 near the summit all the way up towards 85. chp has just issued a heavy rain advisory and they are asking drivers to slow down through that stretch. they are actually activating the cms alert signs. they are also telling us it's windy coming up highway 17 towards los gatos. so be extra careful there. also, roadwork in the south bay. highway 85 near stevens creek boulevard. three southbound lanes of highway 85 are apparently blocked now due to ongoing roadwork. the rest of the south bay fine, top speeds out of downtown san jose. live look at 280 approaching the 880 interchange, guadalupe parkway fine. bay bridge fine, as well. again, we are expecting some heavy rains today so you want to avoid the bay bridge and all the bridges, mass transit so far off to a great start, everything is on time. and remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9- fm.
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get the latest traffic and your weather updates on kcbs radio. back to you. >> thank you. a history making project in space under way right now by a bay area science lab. a team of physicists at the lawrence livermore national laboratory placed a gamma ray spectrometer on a nasa spacecraft 7 years ago. now it's making its first orbit around mercury. it's poised to gather groundbreaking information about gamma rays emitted from the surface of the planet closest to the sun. >> gamma rays are like high energy x-rays and they are particularly important to science because they act as a fingerprint for the elements that give them off. >> the scientists hope their findings will help others with missions here on earth to detect radioactive material. as japan struggles to prevent a nuclear meltdown a new study looks at the effects radiation continues to have on
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people in chernobyl. scientists found that children and teenagers exposed to the nuclear reactor explosion are still at risk of thyroid cancer. there is no indication disease rates are dropping over time. stem cells may be able to reverse some of the damage caused by a heart attack. a new study, doctors injected bone marrow stem cells into the hearts of eight men with damaged hearts. the experimental treatment repaired damaged tissue greatly improved function and reduced the size of enlarged hearts. researchers at the university of miami said the treatment now needs to be tested in larger studies. and people living in great britain are living longer. the life expectancy there is now 80 years of age. in 1995, it was just under 77. researchers say even though obesity is on the rise, britain has seen fewer deaths from heart
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disease because of less smoking. americans have a life expectancy of only 78. a sign the economy could experience stronger job growth is here. fewer americans filing for the first time unemployment benefits last week. the labor department's report on unemployment helped u.s. markets rally yesterday. the dow was up 161. the nasdaq up by 19. if you want the most reliable car on the market, buy american. lincoln holds the top spot in the annual j.d. powers survey of long term vehicle quality. lexus, jaguar, porch and toyota rounding out the top 5. the survey found new electronics features usually cause the most problems. and diet coke is now the second most popular soft drink in the u.s. right behind coca- cola and ahead of rival pepsi. overall, though, soda sales in the u.s. have declined over the past 6 years as americans cut back on spending and switch to
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healthier alternatives. >> hey, good for coke. it's 4:56 now. japan's nuclear crisis getting even more serious. >> the threat level is increased this morning. coming up in a live report from japan, we have a progress report to prevent a meltdown. >> and there are some differences in expert opinion on that radiation plume that's dilute coming from japan. no one saying it's dangerous. we'll look at the confusion. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado japan's nuclear crisis, the fight to prevent a meltdown. the radioactive concerns right here in california. and dozens of so-called near misses at a nuclear power plant owned by a bay area-based utility. good morning, everyone, it
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